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Target therapy

“Target therapies are developed to exploit cancer's "Achilles heel" to develop new therapies against the disease”


“Biomarker investigation can help the identification of subset of patients who will benefit from targeted tehrapies."

Artificial Intelligence & Health


“AI & Health offer the potential for a smarter, safer and more effective way to treat cancer”

We are focused on developing innovative therapeutics that potently and selectively inhibit abnormal cell signaling pathways that drive cancer. In addition, we are working to pair our drug candidates with genetic data and other diagnostic information to identify patients who are most likely to benefit.

Through this approach, we believe we can deliver innovative medicines that have increased clinical benefit in selected patient populations and potentially fewer side effects, allowing for a higher dosage and better anti-cancer activity


Biomarkers are playing an ever-increasingly important role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer patients. Biomarkers are molecules that represent an abnormal or normal condition taking place in the organism, and may be a sign of an underlying condition or disease. A large evidence identifying in DNA, proteins or hormones, types of molecules, which can serve as biomarkers, since they indicate something about a patient’s health.

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and precision medicine promises to revolutionize health care. Precision medicine methods identify phenotypes of patients with less‐common responses to treatment or unique healthcare needs. AI leverages sophisticated computation and inference to generate insights, enables the system to reason and learn, and empowers clinician decision making through augmented intelligence.

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Our Vision

The uniqueness of each person is the root of our passion for research and care.This is what drives ANDREMACON’s mission in the era of precision medicine.




  • Highly targeted Therapies for brain cancers
  • Enhancing Therapeutic care for solid and haematological malignancies
  • Neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases
  • Realtime diagnostic and predictive multi-omic profiling

Our Pipeline


We turn discovery into innovative therapies​

Our passion and understanding of the biology of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases give us a unique perspective on how to respond to the constant challenge of drugs development.

We use our expertise to produce innovative antibody-based therapies that have the potential to transform current treatments.

We are proud to have multiple Andremacon-created products in our pipeline that include antibody therapies in preclinical development.


•Difficult-to-treat cancers

•Brain tumors, e.g. glioblastoma

•Neuroinflammatory pathology

•Neurodegenerative diseases